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tel. +48 42 632 65 86
tel. +48 601 365 926
e-mail: info@euromedcentrum.pl
One Day Surgery
Prior to Surgery

When the date of your surgery has been scheduled, you should call the surgical case manager’s office at (0048) 601-365-926 or send an Email: smiglo@mp.pl. A medical history will be taken. You may be asked to obtain certain tests prior to your surgery date and you will be given instructions specific to your surgery. Any changes in your physical condition (such as a cold, fever, sore throat) should be reported to your physician before your surgery. If you have any last minute concerns, please call the One Day Surgery at (0048) 601-365-926.
We require that you make your own arrangements for someone to pick you up at the clinic after your surgery. We cannot allow you to drive yourself home. Taxis and public transportation cannot be utilized.

Pre-Surgery Tour

To relieve pre-operative anxieties, we offer a short tour for all patients (and family members), on request. Please call (0048) 601-365-926 for an appointment. At the appropriate time, you will be escorted to an operating room, and following surgery, you will be transferred either to the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit or directly back to your room. You will recuperate in the One Day Surgery unit until you are discharged. At discharge, you must be accompanied by a capable and responsible adult for the drive home. Remember, you cannot drive yourself home if you are the patient. You will not be discharged until after our staff has provided you with specific oral and written instructions regarding your home care. We recommend that you spend a quiet evening at home. It is advisable to have an adult family member stay with you at least overnight. Because anesthesia may cause sleepiness or dizziness, you should not drive, drink alcoholic beverages, or make important decisions for the next 24 hours.

Day of Surgery

Regardless of the type of surgery you are having, it is essential that you follow the instructions that you are given regarding eating and drinking the night before your surgery. Come to the hospital in casual, comfortable clothing. We will provide you with a patient gown and robe. Because the medical center Euromed is not responsible for missing patient articles, please leave all valuables, including money and jewelry, at home. Patients are asked not to wear make-up or nail polish. Upon entering the Clinic, please go directly to the Doctor Jacek Śmigielski MD. Your promptness is required. You may have one relative or friend join you. Children under 18 years of age must have at least one parent or legal guardian present. Please do not bring children with you other than the scheduled surgical patient. After being admitted, you will be escorted to your room where a nurse will begin your preparations.You will also meet with an anesthesiologist and your surgeon prior to going to the operating room.

Day After Surgery

One of the nurses from our One Day Surgery unit will check on your progress. Please do not hesitate to ask your doctor or the One Day Surgery unit nurse if you have any questions.


  1. Call surgical case manager's office at 0048-601-365-926 or send an Email: smiglo@mp.pl.
  2. Complete pre-operative testing, if required
  3. Follow the instructions concerning eating and drinking you receive during your pre-admission interview
  4. Arrange for someone to pick you up after your surgery
  5. Leave valuables at home, including cell phones
  6. Remove all make-up before coming to the hospital
  7. Wear comfortable, casual clothing
  8. Arrive on time
  9. If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian must accompany you

Preventive care

When to schedule a visit

Men and WomenAge 19-39Age 40-64Age 65 and Older
Comprehensive preventive care visitsMen: Every 5 years,
Women: Every 3-5 years
Men: Every 5 years,
Women: Every 3-5 years
Every 1-2 years
Blood pressure checkEvery 2 yearsEvery 2 yearsEvery 2 years
Cholesterol checkMen: Every 5 years, beginning at age 35Men: Every 5 years. Women: Every 5 years, age beginning at 45Every 5 years until age 65
Tetanus-diphtheria boosterEvery 10 yearsEvery 10 yearsEvery 10 years
Colorectal cancer screeningNot recommended for this age groupEvery 5 years at age 50Every 5 years until age 80
Hepatitis B vaccineSeries of three if not done previouslyNot recommended for this age groupNot recommended for this age group
Influenza vaccineOptionalOptionalEvery year
Pneumococcus vaccineOnce, if at high riskOnce, if at high riskOnce at age 65
Hearing and vision screeningNot recommended for this age groupNot recommended for this age groupBeginning at age 75
Women only
Clinical breast examEvery 3 yearsEvery yearEvery year
Pap test and pelvic examEvery 3 years Every 3 yearsEvery 3 years 1, or discontinue at age 65 if patient and provider agree ¹
MammogramNot recommended for this age groupAges 40-49 (optional); every year beginning at age 50Every year until age 75

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