Centrum Medyczne EUROMED
90-716 Łódź, ul. Gdańska 26
tel. +48 42 632 65 86
tel. +48 601 365 926
e-mail: info@euromedcentrum.pl

Jacek Śmigielski MD, PhD
the graduate of the Military Medical Academy,
general surgery specialist.
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EUROMED Medical Center | Surgery ventral hernias, inguinal hernia, thyroid disease, Gastrointestinal diseases, bladder disease and biliary disease, diseases of the pancreas, disease of the liver | vascular Surgery varicose veins of the lower limbs, leg venous ulcers, decubitus | Proctology bowel and rectal disease, hemorrhoids, slots and anal fistulas, faecal incontinence Diagnostic endoscopy, gastroscopy, rectoscopy, colonoscopy | Imaging studies Ultrasonography, Home Visits, abdominal pain, constipation, dressings, clinical trials, clinical trials center